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How does Santa fund his massive annual Christmas present operations? By hunting Penguins and selling their hides. Play as Santa in his off-season and see much money you can make to fund next year's Christmas.

This game was made in 48 hours for the 48 Secret Jam December 2017. I did all of the programming and audio, and the art was done by Nathan Wolfe. We ran into a fair few issues in development so this is not polished at all, and not very close as a game to the result we originally envisioned. None the less, we hope you enjoy.


- Don't aim direction over the penguins, line up your aim with their direction.


WASD - Move

Mouse Movement - Aim

Left Click - Shoot

Known Bugs

- The light does not reset when you reset the game.

- Aiming issue when mousing over colliders.

Install instructions

Download 'Win_OffSeason_v1.0.zip'.

Extract the files to the destination on your computer of your choosing.

Run 'Off Season v1.0.exe'.


Win_OffSeason_v1.0.zip 15 MB


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An awesome use of funny themes and low poly.