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This game was made as an entry for the Greek Mytholojam. I started at about the half way point through the game jam, and wasn't able to dedicate as much time as I initially thought I would.

Anyway for this game jam I thought I would try and make something in Unity that was primarily a 2D game. The art style is the primary link to the 'Ancient Greek' theme of the jam, and my original idea was that you would be a character in the myths that have been painted onto some ancient Greek pottery and you would have to rearrange the elements of your myth so they are more of an epic tale - which would then progress you to the next level. The game ended up more as a standard platformer and art demo. This was my first real experience working with 2D elements outside of UI in Unity, and despite not being overly great at art I gave the art style my best shot. My friend 'Minismee' created the music track and audio for the game, which were the only things I did not make from scratch.

The game is comprised of 3 levels that are all very simple. 


Movement - 'A' Key or Left Key to move left; 'D' Key or Right Key to move right.

Interaction - Press the 'E' Key to interact with objects in the world.

Quit - Escape


- Known bug where the end of level pots appear in each level despite having not collected all of the coins in the level.

Install instructions

1. Download the .zip folder.

2. Extract the files to the destination on your computer of your choosing.

3. Run Eikon.exe.


Win_Eikon_v1.0.zip 26 MB

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