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This game was created by myself and Matthew Cabrera for the Ludum Dare #39. The theme for the game jam was "Running Out of Power", so we came up with this reactor meltdown/button mashing game. This game was made in 72 hours with Matt creating the 3D models and textures, and myself doing all of the programming and creation of the sound effects. Use the mouse and keyboard to move around and interact.

(Note - The music is from the asset store.)

We are aware of the elevator bug when you get in and then leave the elevator before the doors close, we are planning an update for release soon.

04/08/2017 - Untested Mac Build Released.

04/08/2017 - Version 1.1 released for Windows.

1. Decreased the volume of the footsteps.
2. Removed the 'ticking' sound that plays when the power state is out.
3. Increased the size of the button trigger boxes.
4. Decreased the distance at which the player can press the buttons from 5 to 1.5.
5. Implemented the option to skip the intro by hitting one of the use keys.
6. Implemented GUI notification to skip intro.
7. Implemented crosshair.
8. Fixed the pause that was happening before the music would start.
9. Fixed the bug where if you exited the elevator before the doors finished closing, the game would get stuck and the next level wouldn't load.

Install instructions

Download the zip folder, extract the files & run the .exe!


LD39_Meltdown.zip 19 MB
Win_LD39_Meltdown-v1.1.zip 19 MB
Mac_ld39_Meltdown.app.zip 21 MB

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