This game was created for the Alpha @S!F Semester 2 2018 Game Jam by Joshua Ferguson and Timothy Crane. The two themes for the game jam were "a way home" and "nature. All assets have been created from scratch, except for the photograph images which were sourced from the public domain.

There is no sound in version 1.0, however I have created a post-jam update that includes music & sound effects as well as some minor UX improvements.

Any Key - Start Player Turn
Left Mouse Button - Select Answer
Escape - Quit Application

Install instructions

Download the Windows build of the game, extract the files from the zip folder to the directory of your choosing, then launch the executable file.


WIN - Turtle Trivia V1.0 (Jam Version) 26 MB
WIN - Turtle Trivia V1.1 (Post-Jam Version) 45 MB

Development log

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